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Square Peg, Round Hole?

Your idea is fantastic. Your time is limited. Your team is buried. Your deadline is approaching…fast. Sometimes it takes thinking outside of the proverbial box. Sometimes it takes time that you just don’t have. The team at inVision can be your right hand (wo)man. We help you take your concept to a reality, your project to completion. No time to send someone on a press check? No idea how to get your product to market? No extra eyes to edit that report or presentation? Not enough support for your own creative team? We are ready to help. We don’t hold hands, we guide them. We shake them. We introduce them to the next big thing.


Flip the Switch!

You’re drawing a blank. The page is empty. The fire won’t ignite. Enter inVision Communications. You know your project or product, and we know how to bring it to life. Your event needs a punch. The whatchamacallit needs a box. The story needs to be told. Our dynamic creative team will design and finesse, and in the end we will infuse your project with a captivating look and feel. We are resourceful and talented. We turn on the creativity and turn up the visual volume so you can present your ideas professionally, beautifully and most importantly, successfully.


Make Your Mark!

Tissue or Kleenex? Soda or Coca Cola? Jewelry or Tiffany? With those few words you may have visualized limp paper peek out of a colorful dispenser, a bubbly beverage pour from a uniquely shaped bottle, and a shiny silver necklace presented in a blue box with a white satin bow. It is not just what you sell or do, it is how you present it. At inVision Communications we will showcase who you are with a name, a color, a story, a package or all of those things. We can invent, enhance or embellish what you offer and who you are. Tradeshow tchotchkes, POP displays, product packaging - these are visual extensions of your brand. Let us help you burn your image into the minds of your customer.


What’s Your Story?

Does your story need to be written? Or maybe rewritten? We can do that. Whether you need vivid and enticing product description, a colorful bio, or perhaps website and social media copy, our wordsmiths are as sharp as our wit and our pencils. Editing needs? We love to pull out the highlighters and the red pens, so be sure to call on us if your words are in tact, but perhaps your grammar "ain't". inVision Communications can also assist in the coordination of getting your book published! We write for a variety of industries and services including high tech, retail, luxury brands, and food and beverage. Cheers to that!


List of Services
  • Marketing Deliverables

  • Packaging Design and Manufacturing

  • Branding and/or RE-Branding

  • Project Management

  • Logo Design

  • Packaging Design and Production

  • Printing Management

  • Copywriting

  • Editing

  • Social Media Assistance

  • Event Premiums & Event Coordination

  • POP and Signage

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